About Nippon Dom

NIPPONDOM CO.,LTD. is a general manufacturer of woven labels, printed labels, and other band labels.

Our company was established in 1971 as a printed label manufacturer using silk-screen printing. Currently, we develop and produce various brand labels, such as woven labels and security products, as well as other high-performance materials and take pride in our domestic top-class output of brand labels indispensable to the apparel industry, including woven labels and printed labels.

Origin of the NIPPONDOM CO.,LTD. name

NIPPONDOM CO.,LTD. Was established in 1971 as a printed label manufacturer using silk-screen printing. The first device for this silk-screen printing was shipped from England's (UNITED KINGDOM) port to Japan. NIPPONDOM CO.,LTD. derives its name from England’s name, taking the DOM from UNITED KINGDOM.

Our company’s integrated production system, taking care of everything from thread to design and processing, covers a multitude of industry domains

Our strength lies in our integrated system from thread to design and processing. Our systems also allow us to cover a multitude of industry domains by establishing an environment capable of prompt product delivery at all times.

Exhaustive safety and quality control

It is not an exaggeration to say that quality is everything for a brand label. NIPPONDOM CO.,LTD. has created an exhaustive management system to increase customer satisfaction based on handmade quality.

Sticking to safety and quality

Expanding business world wide

NIPPONDOM CO.,LTD.’s network is not limited to Japan, but has expanded overseas. We are expanding our business world wide with our superior quality philosophy and unique technology.

Shanghai dom label corporation

上海麗達商標製造有限公司Shanghai Dom Label Corporationhttps://www.nippondom.co.jp/shanghaidom/en/

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Shanghai dom label corporation was reformed with facilities capable of responding to internationalization and the borderless age and has been working on reducing costs and improving quality. It has obtained ISO9001・ISO14001 certification.