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Woven labels


Woven labels refer to labels indicating logos or designs on textile texture patterns and are created by processing like cutting and folding of materials with texture patterns woven using a Jacquard loom.


Woven labels

Brand labels go from expressions of the product Label to final product target quality and grade, as well as symbols of corporate quality...
GRAND HIGH DENSITY is a woven label capable of satisfying demands for more beautiful and clear items.

Conventional woven labels add clarity to expression by increasing weft thread density, but this method has its limits.
In order to create more beautiful and clear woven labels, we use a thin warp thread and accompany this with a thin weft thread for ultra-thin expressions.


Woven labels

This has allowed for high-precision expressions we can also call high-definition woven labels. Being beautiful, smooth, and soft to the touch, this pinnacle of brand labels is suited to high-class and high-quality apparel products, etc.

With the addition of more beautiful and dense woven expressions, weft thread density reaches the uncharted domain of 100 times per centimeter or higher. By thinning down the warp thread’s thickness, which is the loom’s basic specification, increasing thread density, as well as thinning down the weft thread to the limit has allowed us to create high-precision expressions we could also call high-definition woven labels.

Dom Soft Edge®

Woven labels

Conventional rapier woven label・woven tape sting clothing and delicate skin around the collar. Gentle-feel Dom Soft Edge® rapier woven label・woven tape. Which would you choose?
Dom Soft Edge® uses extremely delicate yarn sewing (width and thickness) to give the completed product no sense of discomfort and can be safely used for brand label and decorative logo tape on collars.


Woven labels

CATION DOMTEX® uses cationic polyester processed yarn, so it completely eliminates the issue of sublimation discoloring that tends to occur when regular polyester yarn is dyed with disperse dye.