SDGs initiatives

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Nippon Dom's Initiative

Recycled woven label



In our company commercialize recycled woven label using recycled yarn recycled from used PET bottles.

  • PET bottles
    PET bottles
  • Recycled yarn
    Recycled yarn
  • Recycled woven label
    Recycled woven label

Natural material printed label

In our company have commercialized a Natural material printed label that uses 100% organic cotton for both warp and In our companyft.

  • Cotton
  • Cotton thread
  • Natural material printed label

Initiatives to reduce traffic accidents

In our company are commercializing retroreflective materials and conducting traffic safety training.

Nippon Dom’s status of employment of persons with disabilities

In our company actively hire people with disabilities and also conduct factory tours for students in special needs schools.

1 person employed per 45.5 persons


Nippon Dom’s status
5 persons employed per 157 persons


*Legal provisions are exceeded.

Initiatives to improve energy efficiency using phosphorescence

In our company commercialize plates and films that have a phosphorescent function.

Handling of waste ink

The waste ink generated by our company is collected by a professional company and disposed of properly.

  • Waste ink
  • Transportation by truck
  • Proper disposal by a specialist

Disposal methods for thread and fabric

The waste of thread and fabric generated by our company is reprocessed by a specialist and finally becomes solid fuel.

Reforestation protection using eco-boxes

The used documents generated by our company are reprocessed by a professional company and finally it becomes cardboard using recycled paper.

  • Eco-box (collecting used documents)
  • Recycling plant
  • Cardboard made from recycled paper

Thorough management with OEKO-TEX® certification

Nippon Dom obtained OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certification, the highest safety certification level in the world, in 2000, which was the first in Japan in the label industry.

OEKO-TEX® Class 1 Certification ensures safety for the human body.

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Involvement with society (social contribution)

As a corporate citizen, In our company actively interact with local communities and carry out activities that contribute to the sustainable development of society.

  • Dispatched to the field as disaster volunteer
  • Disaster donations: Great East Japan Earthquake, heavy rainfall in In our companystern Japan, etc.
  • Fukui United FC sponsor (promotion of local sports).
  • Accepting prefectural middle school and high school internships (every year).
  • Accepting factory tours of prefectural schools including special support schools.